Illumina MiSeq data report
Tue Jan 21 22:00:02 EST 2020

This report details the progress in archiving sequencing data and processing gene therapy sequencing runs.

Sequencing runs that failed are highlighted in red while development runs are highlighted in yellow.
Runs annotated as gene therapy trials report the status of their integration site analyses.

Runs with missing sample data report admin comments when available.

Column details:
data archived (yes/no) sequencing data has been stored in both its primary and secondary archive locations.
The data sizes following this flag denote the data sizes in the data output directory, primary archive and secondary archive.
A dash for the output directory data size means that this data has been removed to conserve space.
Notable size differences between archives are noted in red.
run registered (yes/no) sequencing run event has been registered in the sequencing registry.
samples registered (yes/no) meta data for samples within a run have been registered in the sequencing registry.
intSites called (yes/no) integration site analyses have been performed (gene therapy runs only)
admin administrator notes for runs where the sample meta data has not been archived in the registry.

Status Run id data archived run registered samples registered intSites called links admin